Q-Bike ready

by chuwa on September 26, 2013

All sold out! Please come back later, thanks for all the supports!

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RazorTV: commuting with foldies + MRT/bus

by chuwa on March 31, 2013

“Bumpy ride for bike commuters” [04:27]. RazorTV, 24 Feb 2013

“Have you ever wanted to ride your bike to the MRT station, board the train with it, then ride home or to the office? Well, there are Singaporeans who have been doing just that, but it isn’t all smooth riding for these so-called multi-modal commuters. Find out the challenges they face when they go bike-train-bike.”


“Cyclists want bikes allowed on trains during peak hours” [04:03]. RazorTV, 24 Feb 2013


The Q-Bike

September 5, 2012

Coming soon… Q-Bike, the ultimate MRT friendly bicycle. Easily roll in and out of MRT station, even during peak hours!

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Safe cycling on Singapore’s roads

November 29, 2011

Key concept for safer cycling in Singapore: Remember you are invisible to cars. Find a quiet route, mode share if necessary. Be adept and confident in your bike handling skills. Cycle to your ability. Ride in the middle of the lane at intersections. When turning right, filter early, or do a hook turn. Use hand […]

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Learn how to ride a bicycle on a Striders

October 15, 2011

I’ve a previous post showing how my niece learnt riding a bicycle by removing the pedals from a JZ88 folding bike. But for toddlers the folding bike is just too high, even when the seat adjusted to the lowest position. Now we have a better solution for the younger kids – the Striders running bike! […]

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