1) JZ88 is too expensive?

That depends on how you value your time, your health and the environment.
We focus, wholistically, on the practical issue of everyday commuting. We believe this is an area bicycling can make a significant positive impact on
personal fitness and on environment wellbeing. The combination of following characters makes JZ88 uniquely suited to the needs of daily commute:

light weight (8.8kg)
quick folding (9 sec.)
enjoyable ride
flexibility to combine with public transportation and car
speed (~25km/h sustanable)
pavement friendly (compact and quick start/ stop to blend in with pedestrian)
trolley mode (hands free shopping)

suitable for whole family (1.2~1.8 meter body height)

JZ88 make cycling an easier choice for our customers. This enable them to create a refreshing space, for both mind and body,
right within their commuting routine.
Why not give it a try and see if it is worth it?

2) I can find foldable bicycle for as little as S$200, isn't that even better value for money?

The best way to tell, is to try it yourself. None of the cheap bike can be take into MRT easily or offer a speedy, enjoyable ride. They are often
too heavy, too bulky or too difficult to fold and unfold or too hard to ride. In the worst case, combination of all the above.

3) I can use 2 cheap bicycles, one at each end of my daily MRT trip, and locking them in front of the MRT station.

The cost-per-trip will shoot up if your bikes get stolen. And certainly a cheap bike is not as enjoyable to ride as JZ88.
With JZ88, the choice of transport solution is a lot more flexible. You can bring it on board the MRT and have your personal
feeder solution at ALL MRT stop. At any point in your trip, you have all the options always available: cycle directly, take Taxi, or MRT or Bus.

If you ride a normal bicycle to work, you got to ride it all the way back too. Some of our customers ride to work for fitness exercise and take
MRT with JZ88 on the way back home, you simply can't have this flexibility with a full size bike.

4) Why JZ88 has only single speed, while most of the cheaper bikes has multiple speeds?

Single speed bikes are simpler to operate and maintenance. Singapore land is mostly flat, there is hardly any need for multi-gears. The gear
ratio of JZ88 is optimized for speedy level cycling on a small wheel. Compare to full size bike, the low resistance small wheel of JZ88 make
it is easier to go uphill, equal to one or two gears advantage- you get some multi-speed advantage without shifting any gear! Gear shift of cheap
bike often cause problem due to poor quality, it is a problematic solution to a problem hardly encounter on Singapore roads.
We could have fit a high quality multi-speed hub onto JZ88, but the cost will become higher and the bike will be heavier.

5) The wheels are so small, cannot go fast or that I need to paddle very hard ?

Notice the huge (front) crank and the tiny free wheel (back)? The extreme ratio compensate the small wheel and bring the speed up on-par with
the gear ratio of a regular bike. You have to paddle more frequent when you want to go very fast, and that is very good for training stamina.

If the wheel is anything larger, it won't hide so nicely below the MRT seat, click here to see!

6) 8.8kg may be light for a bike, but too heavy to carry around

We agree, that's why JZ88 can be semi-folded into a push trolley . You can push it along for most of the walking distance. You only need to carry
it when you have to walk up or down stairs.
Go for shopping? attach our unique quick-fit front pannier and transform JZ88 into a shopping trolley! Not only you don't need to carry the bike,
now the bike helps to carry your shopping too

7) So small, can it support me?

JZ88 is design for riders under 75kg. Maximum weight limit is 80 kg

8) What if the parts broken, got spare parts or not?

Most of the parts, such as pedal, chain and gears are standard, that make it easy to find replacement or upgrades from most local bicycle shop.
Some special replacement parts, such as the small tire will be available on our website, we only sell these parts to registered customers.

9) Can it really be brought into MRT?

Aprt from ABike, which has a 6' wheel, JZ88 is the only folding bike that fit within the official luggage size limit (81cm x 58cm x 30cm), take a look in
the MRT photo gallery:

10) It's small and light, so easily got stolen?

Don't leave it outside, bring it with you into your office, hide it under your desk, keep it next to you when you are enjoying your coffee in StarBucks.
This saves you from buying and carrying a heavy U-lock and it becomes virtually theft proof

11) Very silly looking to ride such a small bike

We think it is cool!

12) Why do I need a foldable bike for?

According to our customer survey, here are the main reasons:
For health- 59%
For fun- 59%
To work- 58%
To Shopping- 28%
For slim- 22%
To school- 17%

13) Isn't it dangerous to cycle on Singapore roads?

Once start cycling, you will be surprised to discover most roads in Singapore are safe. There are many more small and quiet roads than dangerous,
heavy traffic main roads.
You do need some basics to ensure your safety on the road: good riding skills, understand and follow traffic rules, bright and easy clothings,
front and rear lights and a rear-view mirror.If the traffic is too heavy and too fast, it is safer to hop on the pavement. Give pedestrians the priority
when cycling on pavements. JZ88 has small wheels base, the V-brake is very effective so that you can smoothly blend within
the flow of pedestrians.

14) Cycling to work sounds fun, I want to start, what should I do?

It is a very good idea to spend a weekend to explore different routes, bring along a good map. Once decide on a safe route, allow extra time for
your first trip to work. Normal day traffic can be different from weekend traffic.
For maximum enjoyment and safety, follow these tips:
As much as pooible, make use of the Park Connectors Network in many parts of Singapore
Try to use small and quiet streets instead of heavy traffic main roads, slow down and pay special attention at junctions.
Most of the dangerous main roads have pavement, hop onto the pavement if you feel the road is not safe.
Install a rear mirror so that you can see what's coming from behind.
Install bright front and back lights if you need to cycle at night
Wear comfortable and bright clothing to increase your visibility among traffic.
Never ASSUME all the drivers can see you all the time, practice defensive riding

15) What about rain?

Cycling in the rain can be more fun if you are prepare for it. Carry a poncho and a cap if you are wearing glasses. Cycle slowly as the wheel
can easily skid. Watch out for the metal drain covers, they can be very slippery.

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**Singapore has a great network of Park Connectors all over the islands, why not take advantage of these network of green paths and connect it
with MRT, Bus with your folding bike? From Tempines to Bedok to Siglap to East coast. From Jurong to Bird Park to Ulu Pandan,
From Kallang River to Bishan to Thomson, there is practically no where you can not go with this combination of
folding bike + Park Connectors + MRT, whithout the long wait of shuttle bus.

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